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Medical Aesthetics Training


The most effective ingredients in skincare today; what to look for and how to identify effective products


Exfoliation & Peeling

The best peeling agents available, which is best suited to which condition, and how applications differ - including mechanical peeling.



How to do the most effective extractions on all acne lesions and the best best form of treatment for acne.


Combination Therapies

Understanding IPL, Laser, Infrared, Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Cryotherapy, and CIT and when and how these treatments should be used.


Identifying the most common skin lesions and diseases, knowing what is treatable, what needs referral, and if treatable what modality to use. 

This will include practical identification and the use of skin identifying equipment. 

Skin Lesions


Advanced skin analysis - beyond normal, combination, dry, and oily. Properly analysing skin conditions and being able to prescribe the best cosmetic or cosmoseutical (active cosmetic). The most common medical conditions seen in the skin care environment, the symptoms and effects on the body, and what medications the client may be on for each. 

Skin Analysis & Client Consultations


Maximising your treatment time with your client, making sure you are meeting your clients expectations of the treatment, ensuring you are recommending the correct complementary treatments for optimal results, ensuring rebooking, and competing in the medical arena.


Giving Outstanding Service

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